As a developer (or not) you may have heard the expression above. It’s very common to be in a state where you feel stuck in a problem and you need to ask somebody for help.

And as soon as you start expressing your problem, new ideas start appearing out of the blue!

Well this is where the duck is coming handy! Instead of finding someone else, you start talking to the duck and (maybe) ideas are start flowing again!

And a rubber duck can be very cute and handy, but today’s post is all about an interactive terminal duck!

Before starting working with this, I bumped into two repositories that kinda were doing what I wanted to… One was a rubber ducky chatbot for slack in python and the other was a rubber duck app for terminal in javascript.

Yet another one rubber duck app? For start I need to practice my dev skills in Python. And secondly, I love the idea of having a chatbot rubber ducky for slack but that’s not feasible now.

So, I thought, why not combining the two of them?

And there it was born my rubber ducky for terminal! Based on the functionallity of the chatbot ducky I have changed a couple of things that weren’t working anymore and I worked in order to figure out what the original creator had in mind and make it my own and produce a great terminal app too.

You can find more about it here