This is the first part of a series of steps I took to build an Enterprise Application in Java!

So, to begin with, the most basic step is to have an application server. A server that can handle enterprise applications (ear) quite well is Glassfish 4. This server needed to be installed in a Ubuntu VM at ~okeanos. After a quick search I found this tutorial How To Install Glassfish 4.0 on Ubuntu 12.04.3.

Prior to this I had already installed a glassfish application server in my machine (Mac OS X) really easy, just by downloading glassfish4 and unziping the zip file where I wanted to. Don’t forget to update the PATH in .bash_profile.

Starting a domain or deploying war files is already mentioned in the linked tutorial above. In future posts I will talk about creating enterprise applications with Maven and adding Maven glassfish plugin to interact with the currently installed glassfish server or manually deploy ear files in glassfish.